What Sam believes in


Sam's ambitious personality helped him achieve his goals. He believes sales is the hardest easy job in the world.

 - Without sales, there is no business.


  • Believe: believe in what you sell.

  • Customer is always first.

  • Quality: deliver the highest quality in everything you do.

  • Innovation: Always think outside of the box.

  • Solutions: There’s no problem without solutions.

  • Never believe in "never".

  • Understand what the customer wants and needs.


Sam believes you can go far with the team. And SGi could never get where it is without its loyal team. 

Sam always encourages good teamwork and gives his team the authority to make decisions based on what they see is right. He empowers his team members to do what is needed to perform better. And creating a healthy and fair environment and supporting each other will help you reach your goal faster and always motivate them to be outstanding