Sorrisa group was born, focusing on the development and manufacture of consumer-packaged goods, with a priority in the food field. We are a privately held company founded in 2017 to develop exciting new food brands and to have those innovative products filling the shelves. We’ve established a track record of conceptualizing, creating and delivering the products that consumers desire to market. With over 10 years of experience as new product leaders fresh on the heels of overseeing the development of the company’s first stand-alone branded food product, shook up the food industry.


With our passion and experience in product development, sales, marketing and manufacturing expertise we're confident that we can bring new and exciting products to market. Cutting-edge research and development is leading to unique products to fulfill the needs created as nutrition trends evolve.   


Above all else, we build relationships. Our relationships with retail are powered by co-designing, co-innovating, and collaborating to build brands and expand the productivity of shelf sets. Our relationships with consumers are empowering. We harness the power of branding to fill unmet needs in consumer’s lives. We partner with manufacturers by leveraging our sales, marketing, and operational expertise to build brands/products that consumers love.

We partner with retailers to drive successful launches and programming that are tailored to the shopper, the shopper’s mission, and the retailer’s strategic goals.



Sam worked for over a decade with a food manufacturer in Toronto, focused on building Sales. With dedicated hard work, he was able to achieve an exceptional increase in retail volume for the company. Sam is now focused on building Sorrisa Group as the CEO/ Owner and looking to disrupt the packaged foods industry, with innovative and exciting product offerings.

Sam is driven, focused and uses his Sales acumen to service his clients well. He loves leading the Sorrisa Group Team to deliver outstanding results in the North American market.





Rehan Haque

General Manager

Rehan brings to Sorrisa Group over 20 years of Brand Marketing, Innovation and Operations Management experience in 4 different markets, primarily within Consumer Packaged Goods (Food & Beverage), working on global and regional brands. He also has a strong background in  Entrepreneurship and digital marketing.


Rehan believes in driving and delivering results through leadership and well-managed teamwork, and talks frequently about empathy, balance and forward momentum as his guiding principles.


Randy Scott

Administration Manager

Randy brings over 40 years experience of bakery and retail in the food retail industry to the Sorrisa Group team.


His meticulous attention to detail helps the group go from A to B and beyond


Majdi Alali


Is dedicated to the business’s financial vision. He is skilled at developing a solid business plan to align with the company’s objectives and is a master at ensuring records are up to date and error-free.


Rose Sakho
Key Accounts Manager

Rose is a passionate Account Manager with over 20 years of experience in the food and financial industry.


Being a driven individual, she thrives by being challenged and solving multiple problems at the same time.


Wayne Taylor

Graphic Designer/
Social Media Marketing Associate

With over 13 years of creative experience working alongside major international brands in the food and telecommunications industries, Wayne brings his unique skill set to the Sorrisa team as our in-house Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketer.


His passion for the creative arts and remarkable attention to detail ensure our online presence is always memorable and on-brand.


Arash Behravan

Business & IT Consultant

Arash Behravan brings over 20 years of experience leveraging technology solutions and data analysis to empower and support strategic management and business operations.


His extensive experience working with the food manufacturing industry combined with his breadth of knowledge and expertise in designing and deploying data systems are a strong asset to Sorrisa’s business intelligence.


Rino Liberatore

Rino Liberatore was born and raised in Toronto and graduated from Ryerson where he obtained his degree in Industrial engineering. Soon after Rino started his journey in the food industry.


His passion for providing good, safe food to the market at the lowest cost possible eventually allowed him to run operations for some of the biggest food manufacturing facilities in the country.


Mary Maurini


Helps drive sales and deliver all of the brands under the sorrisa group banner. Mary has many years of experience in servicing the major chains with outstanding products that give the consumer delicious taste adventures.


She brings her personality and experience to Sorrisa Group and is helping to develop new and amazing brands and delivering even more innovative products to the marketplace.  


Sunil Sarwal

Creative Director of The Small Monsters

Sunil, an award-winning branding consultant in the food industry, develops and designs the branding and packaging of our products. Sharing our belief that a quality product needs to look like one, his work has consistently exceeded the expectations of customers and clients, bringing us accolades and attention.


With his creative talent and decades of experience with innovative companies around the world, he has been a key part of the Sorrisa group.